Friday, July 24, 2009

The Concept

LadyBoy has been a long talked about project. At first, the idea was to be an anonymous duo. Photographs would include masks or hair over faces etc.... The songs could have been silly. The idea was to create a band that did not care but maybe would dish out some catchy tunes once in a while. However, once we got started it all changed.

We wrote a song together over a year ago. "Backtrack." It has been sitting around doing nothing even though we thought it was cool. Then, just a few weeks ago, we wrote a song with Patrick Rost and figured we should record it and start LadyBoy. The next song, "Someone Got the King" followed the next week and then we re-recorded "Backtrack." Pretty good start for three weeks.

So the idea of the band is this.
LadyBoy will write catchy songs that you will not be able to get out of your head. They could be corny, but they will always be good. As we write them and record them, we will share them for all fans to listen to. When there is enough material, a CD (album) will be released for purchase over the Internet. Then, we'll start all over again.

We are looking forward to a good quantity of good quality tunes. We hope you are too.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

LadyBoy - Fan Painting

A fan submitted a great painting of LadyBoy yesterday. We love it. Her amazing work can be seen on her blog (slovly). See it here.

click on the image to enlarge


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recording "Summer"

This song was entirely written and recorded on July 3rd, 2009. Vern started playing guitar and asked Patrick, a friend who was in town from Oakland, if he could think of some cool piano to go with it. Patrick proceeded to come up with the awesome keys section. Then Vern said “okay, Clare, you’re up.” I wrote the lyrics and Vern and I both wrote the vocals.

Then we headed to the studio! We recorded drums first, then piano, guitar, bass, vocals, backup vocals, and the trumpet. I filmed the process and when my turn came up, Vern filmed me. The video came together from that footage.

Vern–wrote and performed all drums, guitar, bass, trumpet and backup vocalsPatrick–wrote and performed all piano (on the Rhodes)Clare–wrote and performed all lyrics, vocals and backup vocalsVern and Patrick–recording engineers

Vern edited the video footage and made the video on July 5th.

LadyBoy is born.